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SEO Makalesi Nasıl Yazılır?

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SEO Makalesi Nasıl Yazılır?

Free SEO Article Suggestions

In fact, the best thing you can do for your site's SEO is to create great content. Write articles frequently, but these articles should be informative, short and meaningful so that they do not bore the reader. The better your content, the more people visit your site and want to link to it. If you are aiming for the top rank in search engines, this is the first thing you should do; creating really good and nondescript content!

Let's come to the technical applications of the question of how to write a seo article. You have created your content, but you do not know how to rank, how to be found more easily in search engines. In the next stage, you will see that you actually have many opportunities to see your site in the rankings. And the only thing you can do to achieve success by using these opportunities is to use keywords.

Free SEO Compatible Article Suggestions in 4 Items

You have created your content. What about now?

1. Discover keywords. Find out which words the people who will visit your website will use in the search engine and use it on your page. You can use free keyword tools for this.

2. Your URL can help you with the keyword! Find the best search friendly URL for your site.

3. Use HTML tags like H1. Help search engines find important parts of your site.

4. An average of 1500 words is used for a high quality text. Pay attention to this detail and don't forget your keywords!

Finally; search! Do not slow down on research. You can always discover new techniques and have a continuous flow of visitors in this period when no phenomenon is stable and renewed.